Best 4G Internet MiFi/Internet Modems to Buy in Cameroon

If you want to enjoy the internet with a browsing speed as fast as the speed of light, you need a 4G internet modem or MiFi to make that dream come true.

We have tried several 4G MiFi and can tell which is better and which is so complex. There are so many out there, even though they are okay; some are just a bit complicated to operate, while others are straightforward. 

A router is a network hardware that distributes packets between computers using wireless or cabled connection. If you are using a cabled internet, you can use a wireless router to turn the cabled network into a wireless network. 

A MiFi, also known as modem Wi-Fi, is a modem that has a wireless hotspot connection. You can connect it to your computer through a USB cable or any other device. Most internet modems have slots for 10 to 64 simultaneous users. 

Top Internet Modems to Buy in Cameroon

Here is the list of the best 4G MiFi in Cameroon:

Huawei E5577s-321 Universal 4G Mifi

This awesome MiFi supports up to 2600MHz 4G LTE frequencies and has a 3000mAh battery. The battery can last for 13 hours. 

Huawei E5577s-321 Universal 4G Mifi

MTN Cameroon is the distributor of this gadget. The modem retails for 20,000 FCFA. The MiFi comes with an LCD screen so you can see the battery bars, the network signal bars, the time and date, how much data you have used, etc. You can also buy the used modem online in an unlocked state. 

Busy 3G/4G MiFi

This is another great MiFi for personal use. It has a 3000mAh battery that can last for 11 hours. 

This particular mifi has no screen except a few light indicators, so you must read the manual very well to know what each light stands for before you start using this device. 

It also has a dashboard you can open in the browser, which indicates everything that would have been shown on a screen should it get one. 

Orange Tecno Airbox 4G TR 118

This particular MiFi we have yet to see a lot of it in Cameroon, but we do use one. It is an awesome MiFi with a touch screen. You can use this screen to do any setting on the device. Oraneg sells this device for 19,900 FCFA.

Orange Tecno Airbox 4G TR 118

This modem does not support 5G MiFi. It has all the manual you need to use it. 


I used all the devices we listed above that worked really well for me, and we recommend them. That does not mean there are no better 4G devices than the three listed above.

More and more MIFI devices can do better than the ones listed above but since we have yet to try them all, we cannot say anything about them.

If you have anything to add to the list, kindly comment.

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