How to Become a Customs Officer in Cameroon/Subjects Required 2024

Becoming a customs officer in Cameroon could be a good career path for most people in Cameroon. Customs officers in Cameroon are in charge of stopping banned items from entering or leaving the country. They also collect taxes and duties.

As a customs officer in Cameroon, a detection officer, you would work in airports and seaports collecting customs duties and preventing smuggling and illegal trade.

The Cameroonian customs sector is one of the engines of the state budget. The revenue gathered in this sector helps the government to run the state.

The customs sector in Cameroon generates billions of cash via the following taxes.

  • Excise duty on which specific products are subject;
  • Value Added Tax;
Cameroon's customs sector protects the Cameroon economy and home industries by controlling the number of products entering and leaving the country. This is done by levying import and export taxes on items. The sector also attracts foreign investors and those that already exist to invest in Cameroon. To this end, an investment code that grants investors a wide range of benefits has been established.

How to Become a customs officer in Cameroon?

To become a customs officer in Cameroon, you must write a competitive entrance examination called the Customs Officer Concours.

How to Become a customs officer in Cameroon?

What are the Subjects Required to become a Customs Officer in Cameroon?

  • The minimum academic qualification to write the concour for customs officers is just GCE O level or its equivalent. No particular subjects are required to get into customs service in Cameroon. However, a pass in English or French is mandatory.
  • Read about the duties of the Customs officers and the importance of the customs sector in Cameroon.
  • You can find tons of materials on the Cameroon Customs official website. Attach to preparatory classes in Cameroon for customs concours.
  • However, you must be French and English literate. Those with a good mastery of French will have the upper hand (for reasons we all know). You also need to be physically fit.
  • The age limit for Customs concours in Cameroon is 45. If you meet the basic requirements listed above, then you are fit to write the Concours for customs officers.
  • You would be trained on the job through in-house training and learning from experienced staff. Training usually lasts around nine months and may include some residential training courses.
  • After undergoing training, you will be integrated into the custom sector. You would be based at airports and seaports. You would also travel to court when necessary.

10 Functions of Customs Officers in Cameroon

  1. Search luggage, vehicles, and body search travelers
  2. Question people who have been found with illegal items or goods over the allowance.
  3. Check customs documents
  4. Arrest and charge people
  5. Fight against trafficking in drugs and other narcotics;
  6. Fight against the trafficking of counterfeit products;
  7. Protection of the environment against toxic or radioactive waste;
  8. Control of the importation of war material and other explosive substances.
  9. Prepare reports and witness statements.
  10. Take on specialist roles such as dog handling or undercover and Surveillance work.

Customs officers Concours launched in Cameroon 2024

There's no fixed interval for the launching of concours for customs officers. Just like other government sectors, colors are only launched when need be. This year is no different, as the competitive exam for custom officers has been launched.

You just need to keep abreast with the Cameroon customs website news to ensure you get all the Concour launches.

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