How to Pay Electricity Bills Using Orange and MTN Mobile Money 2024

 Paying Eneo electricity or light Bills via Mobile Money is easy. You just need to type a series of USSD codes on your mobile phone, and the bills will be paid. Both MTN and Orange Mobile money payments are accepted.

Even if you do not receive your Eneo electricity bill via SMS and can’t find the printed copy, you can still pay your Eneo Cameroon electricity bill with Mobile Money with no issues and without going to an Eneo office laying any complaint.

How to Pay Electricity Bills Using Orange and MTN Mobile Money

How to Check your Eneo Bill online and Pay with Mobile Money.

You should have enough money in your MTN mobile money account. If you don’t have enough money in your MOMO account, deposit money at the nearest MTN Mobile money kiosk.

How to Pay ENEO electricity Bills Via MTN Mobile Money?

  • Dial the USSD code:*126# to access the Mobile Money Service options list.
  • Choose Option 2 (Pay Bills and Services) by entering 2 and clicking send.
  • Enter the Reference number of your current Eneo Light bill or your Eneo Contract number. Every new statement issued by Eneo has a unique 9 digits reference number found at the upper right corner of your ENEO consumption bill. If you still need to get the bill on hand? You can always insert the Eneo subscriber number under your name, Contract No. / Contract No. The system will display the reference of the bill and its amount.
  • Ok, after you have entered your Eneo Contract number or the reference number of your bill, in the next step, you will be asked to enter your 5-digit MTN Mobile Money Pin code to complete the transaction.
  • After entering my MoMo Pincode, the screenshot below shows that the 100 frs Eneo bill was successfully paid via MTN Mobile money.
  • After you’ve issued payment, you will receive an SMS from MTN Mobile Money confirming that you have successfully paid your Eneo bill via MTN Mobile money.

How to pay your Eneo Electricity Bill via Orange Money?

  • Dial #150*3#, choose your biller, and follow the instructions.
  • Once you have selected your biller option, three options are available: pay/check with a registered account, pay/check with the bill number, or Register your account number.
  • Option 1: the prerequisite is to have a registered account. To save your account, go to the biller, choose option 3, and follow the instructions.
  • All outstanding bills are automatically displayed by choosing to pay/check for a registered account. Therefore, you no longer need a contract number or a bill number. You just need to select the one you want to pay or check.
  • Option 2: You must have your contract and bill number for this option. You just need to follow the instructions.
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Charges for Payment of Bills via Orange and MTN Mobile Money.

One of the reasons many Eneo customers have resorted to paying their Eneo electricity bills via the newly added Mobile Money Payment option is that the charges for paying Eneo bills via MTN and orange Mobile Money are meager. The costs range from 100 FCFA to 500 FCFA. See the picture below.

Charges for Payment of Bills via Orange and MTN Mobile Money.

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