Prize Money For Elite One Championship Winners in Cameroon

Changes in the prize money of the Cameroon Elite One were made known to the public by the current Fecafoot president Samuel Eto’o Fils

Prize for the MTN Elite One Championship Winners in Cameroon

The winners of the MTN Elite One Championship will receive FCFA 100 million as a prize. This amount includes FCFA 50 million as a cash prize and another FCFA 50 million for their participation in the continental Champions League tournament.

Prize for the MTN Elite One Championship Winners in Cameroon

Subvention for Teams

Each team participating in the league will receive a subvention of FCFA 48 million. Out of this amount, FCFA 5 million will be used by each club to create under-15 and under-17 teams. This helps to promote youth development in football.

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Format and Relegation

The league will maintain the 11-team per-group format for the upcoming season. At the end of the season, the last two teams in each group will be relegated to the second division (Elite Two).

These details provide an overview of the upcoming football season in Cameroon, including prize money, format, relegation, youth development, and kickoff dates for the different championships.

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