Recover Lost and Found Items and Documents Online in Cameroon

 The loss of personal effects, not to mention essential documents like an identity card, driving license, or certificate, can be costly and traumatizing. For Alain M., it was a series of losses of phones and IDs, then some treasured pair of specs that had a business idea clicking.

“I thought even if someone picked them up and they were kind enough to return, there was no channel of doing so,” says Mr. Alain, 22. So we launched this website page to create the link.

Recover Lost and Found Items and Documents Online in Cameroon

Lost and Found Cameroon

Lost and Found Cameroon is a portal where people can report or search for lost possessions. By going to the site, people can try out their luck to see if an item they lost has been found and reported or log on to register lost items they come across. Our primary services are to reunite owners with their lost property through the Internet, and it’s free.

“We cannot assure that a user will actually complete an exchange or that users will act lawfully and in good faith. We are not involved in exchanging lost and found items or information. We only provide a venue to facilitate quick recovery.”

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How to Recover Lost and Found Items and Documents Online in Cameroon?

  1. By logging on to the site to either report or look for a found item, users must fill in their profile, which includes their e-mail address and phone number, as a show of good faith. 
  2. The contacts can also be used by the corresponding side (the loser of the item or whoever finds it) to communicate. 
  3. They also pick a category of the item they are looking for that has been enlarged to include all items people are likely to lose. 
  4. Users are responsible for deleting any entry they make on the site after recovery. Otherwise, the data goes to a backup and is discarded after some time. 

We advise users to maximize their chances of recovering items and reduce risks. For instance, there are precautions to take when recovering a reported item. 

Make sure you ask for assistance from the police, especially in recovering valuable items. Places people can meet to recover items include hospitals, schools, social places, and police stations, among others. 

Reporting a Lost Item Online For Easy Recovery

The main target is internet users or others who want to learn and can ask for assistance to report a recovery or loss of an item on this site. 

The number of identity cards and other personal documents littering Douala and Yaounde streets shows how much people are losing things. 

In the future, we can organize a venue where owners can collect their lost items will also be announced. Other places that have seen clogging of lost items include clubs, booking offices and bus stations.

For now, users of this service can contact Lost and Found Cameroon via WhatsApp at +14148854450 or +237655004189 to provide more details on the item lost with detailed pictures or to submit details on a found item.

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