Make Money Offline in Cameroon From What you Learn Online

Make Money Offline in Cameroon From What you Learn Online
                          Make money offline from what you learn online.

Make Money Offline in Cameroon From What you Learn Online

The key to making money offline in Cameroon from what you learn online is to let the people around you, or your environment know that you are capable of doing anything related to it. In a word, Advertise yourself.

1. Installing  of android application

This is the easiest method to make money offline what you need is a good phone or a small pc like PBhev.

-Download your top apps from google play stores like WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, messager, Facebook lite, etc

-when you have a customer to install any of these apps, either used xenia or Bluetooth to send to their phone and install them.

-Ask for at least 500frs per app install, or it can be negotiable depending on you.

2. Solve minor problems on android phone.

How do you do this? It easy, When you have an issue that you have never seen or faced before open YOUTUBE, out of the face of the customer and check out the solution. you can solve problems like



-boot loop issues

-flash some phones

-Hard reset.NB all make sure you remove google account before resetting any android to avoid FRP.

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3. Configuration of mobile phones

By configuring mobile phones, you can make a good amount of money. How to configure android phone very simple

-Go to setting on the phone

-mobile networks

-access point name

-add an access point

-edit access

-fill in the name of the network, e.g., MTN, ORANGE, Nextel, CAMTEL, and yoomee.

-Apn.fill the apn as follows


orange=orangecmgprs or orange

nextell=e_connect or n_connect

camtel=camtel           this is for 4G sim only


-Take save and select as default.

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