List of Central Hospitals in Cameroon

 The article discusses the list of central hospitals in Cameroon.

Names of Central Hospitals in Cameroon

According to the classification of health facilities in Cameroon, the health establishments of categories 1 and 2 are located at the central level. 

List of Central Hospitals in Cameroon: Yaounde Central Hospital

These central hospitals provide the following:

  • They provide specialized and high-level healthcare services
  • Contribute to the promotion of operational research in health and scientific influence
  • Constitute application structures for technical and administrative staff

Categories of Hospitals in Cameroon (Reference Vs. Central Hospitals)

Reference or 1st category hospitals

Cameroon's 4th Reference or 1st category hospitals are public administrative establishments with legal personality and financial autonomy (Yaoundé General Hospital, Douala General Hospital, Gyneco-Obstetrics and Pediatric Hospital of Yaoundé, Gynecologist Hospital- Obstetrics and pediatrics of Douala, Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Yaoundé).

Central hospitals

Central hospitals in Cameroon include Yaoundé central hospital, HJY, and Laquintinie Hospital in Douala.

The Jamot Hospital in Yaoundé, the Sangmelima reference hospital) and the Yaoundé emergency center is the 2nd category or 3rd reference hospital.

History of Health Care Facilities in Cameroon

The health facilities are organized into seven main categories: general hospitals, central hospitals, regional hospitals, district hospitals, district medical centers, Integrated health centers, and ambulatory health centers.

Most districts have district hospitals and regional hospitals in all Regions except the East Region.

Cameroon's health infrastructure was organized into 10 Regions containing 189 health districts in 2016 .  Approximately 5500 public and private health facilities were spread throughout the national territory. 

Access to health services in Cameroon in 2021 was at 2.11 health facilities per 10,000 inhabitants. Besides public hospitals, non-profit hospitals are managed mainly through religious organizations such as the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Health services and the Cameroon Baptist Convention.

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